Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Inanimate Alice Sequel

This year we've discovered the fantastic new world of the digital novel. We were captivated by Inanimate Alice So much so that we created a sequel to this novel.

Below you can download a digital story created by 3 of us: DelfĂ­n, Mariano and Nico G.A.


We hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Hyperfiction Stories

Would you like to take active participation in a scary story? If your answer is ¨Yes, I'd love to!¨ click on the following link:


Our class had a lot of fun exploring hyperfiction writing.


P.S: the file contains sound. Please, activate the sound output in your computer.

Playing with words!


I am a pencil
yellow as an autumn leave
  I write
I draw
I can make a master piece
 I can solve your math things
I am a pencil


I once knew a girl who was odd as could be
She liked eating worms and some bees
And pencils and scissors and apple pies
And she didn't like pizza or burgers


If hope could be a coulor
It would be green
As huge as a tree

If hope could be a taste
It would be juice

If hope could be a smell
It would be of a homemade pie

If hope could be a sound
It would be a guitar

If hope could be a feeling
It would be love

If hope could be an animal
It would be you!
                                            Santiago S.

Who are you?

Describing oneself is not an easy task for some. Here goes the answer given by one of the class's poets to this philosophical question. Tell us what you think about it.
I Am

I am kind and sensitive
I wonder why life is so unfair
I hear my dog singing
I see my cow flying
I want to stop time in a box
I am kind and sensitive

I pretend to be God on earth
I feel dreaming in my own world
I touch my own heart
I worry about why people have to die
I cry for the things that I have not done
I am kind and sensitive

I understand some moments in life
I say why do we have to suffer so much
I dream to be present when there is no more oxygen on Earth
I try to get very good results
I hope to have fun till the end of my life
I am kind and sensitive 
                                                           Mariano B.A

More poetry that will inspire you

Instant Hold On Poem
Hold on to your hopes
Hold on to the faith of those hopes being real
Even if someone tries to steal them away from you
Hold on to the strength you have inside
Even if your own friends don’t follow these rules
Hold on to your own point of view of life
Even if other people have another point of view
Hold on to faith, to hope, to imagination, to all you can trust in
Even if you have problems to go on
Hold on to the faith you have in your own self
Even when moments are bad,
You have to stick to your own wishes, to your own hopes!
                                                                                               Lucas S.W

Who said that romanticism is dead??

Instant I Remember Poem

 I remember dreaming about you
I remember we were alone
I remember we were on the beach
and gazing at the sunset too
I remember feeling your lips
I remember waking up
I remember me wanting to fall asleep
even though it was a dream
I remember being happy
But my favorite memory’s yet to come
                                                          Nico G.A

Check this out!

Here goes another inspirational poem. Enjoy!
Hold On Poem 

Hold On if you feel like letting go
Hold on to life
Even if you would like to be dead
Hold on to your dreams
Even if your life is a mess
Hold on to love
Even if nothing seems to confess
Hold on to hope
Even if no one pays attention
Hold on to yourself
Even when you can't have her
                                                                 Nico G.A 

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Poetry Time!!

After exploring Instant Poetry Forms, we have come up with some poems which we would like to share with you.

Here goes the first one: 

I Can't Write A Poem

Forget it 
You must be kidding
I am very tired of working 
I don't have any imagination 
My nose is snoring 
It´s all because of absortation 
My head is thinking other things 
Thinking of meal's beans 
I don’t have any paper 
My head is a blender 
Time's up? Uh oh!
All I have is a dumb list of excuses.
You like it? Really? No kidding.
Thanks a lot. Would you like to see another one?