Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Who are you?

Describing oneself is not an easy task for some. Here goes the answer given by one of the class's poets to this philosophical question. Tell us what you think about it.
I Am

I am kind and sensitive
I wonder why life is so unfair
I hear my dog singing
I see my cow flying
I want to stop time in a box
I am kind and sensitive

I pretend to be God on earth
I feel dreaming in my own world
I touch my own heart
I worry about why people have to die
I cry for the things that I have not done
I am kind and sensitive

I understand some moments in life
I say why do we have to suffer so much
I dream to be present when there is no more oxygen on Earth
I try to get very good results
I hope to have fun till the end of my life
I am kind and sensitive 
                                                           Mariano B.A

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